About Original Paintings

One of a Kind Original Painting

One of a kind original painting is a direct result of the creative process. Harsha spends many hours or days making such painting. She has to stop to think a lot during the process and work quite slowly to achieve the painting she wants. The value of such painting is up to the artists and their sentimental connection of the painting. Some one-of-a-kind originals are not listed on the website and never offered for sale. These are paintings from Harsha’s private collection that she does not wish to sell.

Original Limited Edition Painting

Many times after Harsha sells one of a kind originals from her home or from the home of one of the her family members. After this happens, she misses the painting on her wall and repeats it .She paints it exactly the same way to have it in her house again or to replace a painting sold from family house. She also repaints sold one of a kind originals from older times as nostalgia , she loved the painting so much that she wants to relive the moments of painting it again.

Such paintings can be created more than once and they all 100% painted by Harsha. In such cases they become limited edition originals. They are sold for a fixed price and are offered only to fans via social media and email news.