Harsha Chaudhari Bio

Harsha Chaudhari (born March 15th, 1981) is an Indian painter. She is a versatile artist and experiments with watercolours, oil colours and acrylics. She loves to paint landscapes. Most of her paintings are inspired by Nature and Cultural art forms. She has a blend of modern and traditional art in her paintings. She has a unique impressionist style in creating her paintings which makes each painting a masterpiece. Her paintings are quite vibrant and colorful.

Harsha Chaudhari’s paintings have a wide range of variety in her artworks. She practices various types of art forms like Fine art, Doodle Art, Folk & Tribal Art forms like Madhubani Art, Gond Art, Warli Art etc.

Early Life and Education:

Harsha Chaudhari was born in Ambernath town, district Thane of Maharashtra State. Born to a middle-class family, Harsha is the eldest of two daughters to her parents. Since childhood, she was very much fond of drawing. In school holidays she used to draw and frame her drawings on a piece of thermocol and wrap it with a transparent plastic sheet. She used to hang her framed paintings in her home.

She aspired to join J.J.School of Arts to pursue a Bachelor of Fine Arts. But since there was a studious environment in the family, she pursued an academic career. As the years went by, her enthusiasm grew for drawing and painting. She started drawing and painting regularly in her free time.

In 2008, she joined drawing classes with renowned artist Mr. Bhide in Pune. Later she continued learning drawing and painting with Singapore Indian Fine Arts Association (SIFAS) and My ArtSpace in Singapore. She exhibited her paintings in an exhibition conducted by SIFAS. She kept practicing watercolour paintings religious. Soon she discovered that with the help of simple watercolors she was able to develop an impressionist style in her paintings. Her creations are outstanding and fascinating to the eyes of viewers. People started noticing and admiring her art.